The guidelines for solid waste and yard waste collection are based on Federal,
State and Local laws and regulations. The guidelines for recycling are based
primarily on the requirements of Processors and End-Users of these materials.
Please print these guidelines for future reference.
We observe six (6) holidays per year. (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence
Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

Monday Holiday: Mondays pickup will be Tuesday, therefore everyone else's pick up will
be backed up one day.

Tuesday Holiday: Mondays pick up will remain on Monday. Tuesdays pick up will be
Wednesday, therefore everyone else's pick up will be backed up one day.

Wednesday Holiday: Monday & Tuesdays pick ups will remain the same. Wednesdays
pick up will be on Thursday, therefore everyone else's pick up will be backed up one day.

Thursday Holiday: Monday through Wednesdays pick up will remain the same.
Thursdays pick up will be Friday, therefore everyone else's pick up will be backed up
one day.

Friday Holiday: Monday through Thursdays pick up will remain the same and Fridays
pick up will be on Saturday.

Items collected at the present time include Newspapers, Other Paper (i.e. office/
computer paper, junk mail, magazines, etc.) Glass Containers, Food and Beverage
Cans, #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 & #7 plastics are accepted.

Each customer will receive a
20-gallon recycling bin for placement of recyclable
materials. Should you need a larger container we offer a
60 gallon recycling cart with
wheels and lid.

To assure that your recyclables are collected, we ask that you place them with your
trash on either Tuesday or Thursday by 6:00 a.m.

All products can be put in one container. (
Remove any plastic newspaper delivery
sleeves and all plastic bags
. Clean dry paper only. No contaminated paper such as
paper towels, tissues, food wraps and sanitary products
.(Please flatten cardboard
and pressed fiber boxes.)

- All glass & plastic containers as well as aluminum, steel and tin cans can be mixed in
one container. (All lids should be removed. Containers should be rinsed to eliminate
odors. Labels can be left on. Plastic containers may be flattened to conserve space.)

Please note: Remember to securely pack the bin and place out for collection

White Goods include but are not limited to items such as Washers & Dryers, Ranges,
etc. Please contact us to schedule a pickup day for these items. A cost per items will be
charged.  You can find out this cost by asking the customer service representative.

Bulky Items include but are not limited to such items such as carpeting, furniture or
mattresses. Bulky Items must be of a size and weight that can be handled by one
person. Lumber, boards, and other such materials are to be cut to be no longer than 4-5
feet and 2 feet wide and weigh no more than 60 pounds.(Do not bundle these items
unless instructed by office)  Please call and set up collection. A charge will be assessed
for the amount of materials.   We also have
10 & 15 yard roll off boxes for those that
need to dispose of more materials.  Call the office for more information.

This service includes and is limited to 3 (30 gal.) cans or a 95 gallon Solid Waste/ Trash
Cart. To assure that your trash is collected, we ask that you have it on the curb by 6 a.m.

Solid Waste / Trash with Yard Waste mixed in CAN NOT be collected.

Liquid Waste(s) CAN NOT BE COLLECTED IN A LIQUID STATE. These materials must
be solidified and dried (using an absorbent such as kitty litter) before they can be
collected. Flammable and Corrosive materials (gasoline, motor oil, pool chemicals,
insecticides, non-latex paint, etc.) CAN NOT BE COLLECTED! Other Specific Items that
CAN NOT be collected include: automobiles, batteries, motors, rocks, stone, tires, or dirt.

The Yard Waste schedule runs once a week April through December. And once a month
January & February (Pick up being your regularly scheduled day the second week of the
month)  and three times in the month of March.
Winter yard waste is unlimited for the
people participating in it. The days for collection are the second Wednesday of January
and February  and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday's of March
.  For those households
that participate in the Yard Waste Program, we can provide a 95 gallon bin at a charge.

Those using Yard Waste stickers
are required to call the office at least one day prior
to the yard wast collection to assure pick up.

Includes: Grass Clippings, Leaves, Straw, Tree Branches/ Limbs, Christmas Trees and
other such vegetative waste associated with yard and garden care maintenance.
do apply
. Ask the office for restrictions should you have and questions.

To assure that your Yard Waste is collected, we ask that you have it to the curb by 6

Decorative & Ceremonial Wastes (Floral Arrangements, etc.) may be disposed of with
your Household Solid Waste/ Trash.

Yard Waste mixed with Household Solid Waste/ Trash CAN NOT be collected.

Please call e.t.c.'s Customer Service at (314) 524-5555 for rates and/or scheduling
for the services listed in these guidelines.

We are pleased to be of service to you and would like to say "Thank You for your
 e.t.c.     GUIDELINES      e.t.c.